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How to get Money Earned®.

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It's just a few easy steps. It costs your company nothing. It's an employee benefit that helps boost productivity and performance.

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Be a Money Earned Employee

Manage the money you know you have. Gain new financial power with more efficiency and less cost. With the Money Earned app, your payroll card and Money Earned, you're in control of what you earn.

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Money Earned for your workplace

Money Earned and the Workplace Solution serves your workforce with a compliant and secure suite of financial and non-financial services via a convenient mobile app or on-premises kiosk.

The Workplace Solution helps keep your employees focused on their jobs and not on money worries, improving company productivity, quality, retention and morale at no cost to your company.

Money Earned lets your employees manage the money they know they have. It can bridge the gap of long pay periods, covering financial shortfalls.